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Sale-Leaseback with a Buy-Back Option “Interest-Only Payments”

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Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Problems getting a mortgage approved. Try a Sale-Leaseback with a Buyback option. Like a mortgage, the Real Estate “Sale-Leaseback with a Buy-Back Option” works as a debt instrument, secured by the collateral of specified real estate property.

Eligible Borrowers: US Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, Foreign Nationals

Sale-Leaseback with a Buy-Back Option loans.

No Minimum Credit Score

No Prepayment Penalty

No Income Verification

Past Bankruptcy OK

Term: From 2 up to 30 Years

Fixed Interest Rates starting 12%

Flexible Payments: Interest Only

Loan Size: $300k - $10M

Available for Residential & Commercial Properties

Up to 75% LTV

Options for Purchase, Purchase & Rehab, Refinance & Cash-Out


The client "asset seller" sells the asset to the lender for a specific price, (the client receives a payment like the loan amount in a mortgage) Then the asset is leased back to the client who is required to pay only the asset's purchase price interest for a certain period. (like the mortgage payments but without the need to be amortized). Then after the maturity of the lease term, (to be chosen by the client) the client buys back the asset paying back a lump sum at a specified date. That sum is equal to the original price that the asset was sold to the lender. (No market value, no appreciation). Buyback option executed; transaction completed. The asset is returned with the title free and clear to the client.

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