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No, you can pre-qualify for an SBA 7(a) loan offered through a bank in our network without impacting your credit score. To determine if your business is pre-qualified, the bank reviews a soft pull of your credit report. This does not impact your credit score.

When your loan application proceeds to funding, the bank will request a hard pull on your credit, which appears as an inquiry on your credit report. This only happens after your application is in the funding process and matched with a lender who is highly likely to fund your loan.

As entrepreneurs, we understand that you need enough working capital to fund the many aspects of your business. Our value is in providing the capital you need today to maintain and grow your business for tomorrow and beyond.The approval requirements for our lending programs are significantly lower compared to secured bank loans, so our funding programs are the fastest and easiest way to obtain the money you need. In addition, unlike traditional banks, we offer post-funding support in the form of strategic and financial consulting—free of charge.

It is your money for your business, so you can use it however you see fit. Many of our clients use funding to cover payroll, renovate, manage inventory, expand, purchase equipment, and a variety of miscellaneous business expenses. You are the expert in maintaining and growing your company, and we are the experts in getting you the money you need to do so. It’s a win-win situation.

The amount that you qualify for varies, but is generally between 75%-125% of your business’ monthly sales revenue.


Our process is very simple. We assess your future sales revenues and get you the money you need to maintain and grow your business.

Once we receive the quick application or the full pre-qualification application, as well as a couple of supporting documents, funding takes place within 48 hours.

We work with over 500 different industry groups in a variety of sectors, such as food service, health care, automotive, textiles, manufacturing, construction, technology, and retail.

Low rates, low monthly payments, and long terms make SBA loans the "gold standard" in small business lending. However, not every small business initially meets the requirements for an SBA loan. As a result, Bank Term loans are also offered from banks in our network for small business owners that don't immediately qualify for an SBA loan or need funds more quickly than even our streamlined SBA process can provide.

And if your small business can't qualify for an SBA or Bank Term loan, we still won't leave you hanging! Our network works with non-bank lenders as well. We'll work to help you find other financing options that may be a good fit for your needs.

Yes. We have helped many small businesses obtain an SBA loan offered from a bank in our network even after they have been turned down by other banks.

Yes, many customers get a second SBA loan as their business grows and needs additional capital. If you receive approval for more than one SBA loan within 90 days of each other, the loans will be treated as if they were one loan for purposes of determining the amount of the SBA guarantee fees, if any.

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